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The Head of Orfeus II

commissioned by Centre Pompidou for IRCAM tape made at IRCAM, assistant : Marc Battier CM Paris 1982, Théâtre du Rond Point, Pierre-Yves Artaud, fl recording : WDR-Cologne, SBF-Berlin, Karin Levine, fl record : Polskie Nagrania SX 2858, Jolanta Kotnowska

"The real sparks in last night’s concert came from another quarter entirely. Elzbieta Sikora’s "La Tête d’Orphée II" for flute and electronic tape was a splendid piece of music. It is not always easy to sustain a musical vitality between ’real’ instruments and taped, but Sikora’s piece was throughly convincing..." Mark Carrington, Washington Post, June 15th,, 1989 "Most striking was "La Tête d’Orphée II" by Paris-based Polish composer Elzbieta Sikora. It demanded upmost virtuosity from its flutist, who produces rhetoric of alternately suppliant, frightened, defiant and seductive sounds to propitiate a harsh, urban tone-world on a tape..." Fred Blanks, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 22nd, 1987 "Mardi McSullea’s brilliant treatment of "La Tête d’Orphée II”(1982) by Elzbieta Sikora for flute and computer tape demonstrated the ability of both the composer and the performer to extend the scope of sounds for today’s audiences." Kevin Siddell Arts Arts 1987