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New Version of Heart Brightening Songs

"The best works heard here were Pawel Buczynski’s "Nocturne" /.../ and Elzbieta Sikora’s "Heart Brightening Songs" for soprano and 5 instruments, which were atmospheric and nicely scored, with the final song the most oustanding"
Bain Murray, "Warsaw Automn 1978" Polish Music 4/1978

"Heart brightening Songs" is a fair sample of the artist’s capabilities. Its underlying aesthetic ideology could be termed a profession of authenticity, an antithesis of artificiality, ostentation, superficial flippancy that seems deceptively innovative. /.../ Their (the songs) exquisite simplicity could not fail but captivate the audience."
Tadeusz Kaczynski, Ruch Muzyczny N° 11, 1976