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libretto based on "L’Arrache -coeur" by Boris Viann, E.Sikora commissioned by Radio France FP 1986 broadcast on Radio France /45’/ FP polish version 16. 09.1995, National Opera Warsaw / 1H20’/ FP french version, 6-8 June 1997 Centre Pompidou, Paris /1H20’/

Music straight from a laboratory, honed, shaped like a working drawing, with warm vocal lines and orchestral shivers which convey a violence and a sometimes unbearable tension Xavier Lacavalerie "L’opéra tonique", Télérama, Novembre 20th, 1995

" …sharp, bitter and violent music, which accompanies the interventions of a small choir (remarkable !) , interventions of a particularly original harmonic construction... " Michel Lambert Opera International, January 1996,

“….light, tonic writing, full of humor….” Catherine Rostin-Saint-James La Lettre du Musicien, January 1996

“….an intriguing music…” Jacek Marczynski Rzeczpospolita September 18th, 1995

“Sikora’s music seems to ease Vian’s bitterness” Dorota Szwarcman Gazeta Wyborcza September 21st, 1995 This music fascinates by the wealth and the cleverness of its orchestration ; it catches the listener by its skill in telling a story…. Ewa Solinska Zycie Warszawy,September 18th, 1995

A sharp, bitter, violent music, which relentlessly accompanies what is happening on stage …. music full of attractions, one could say “sensuous”, a music which likes to attract, sometimes stunning in its expressiveness…. Elzbieta Szczepanska Ruch Muzyczny, Novembre 12th, 1995

"... Her music is intriguing : the suggestive trumpet solo which comes like an echo and the choral parts commenting the action establish an expressive support for the original action...” Elle Poland, January 1996