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Vocal and instruments

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Titre Description Année Durée (min) Effectif / Extrait sonore
On est toujours

text A.de Castries

1997 3'

baritone, pfte ossia baritone, 2 sopranos, sax, bandoneon, pfte, cb

Cinéma, cinéma

commissioned by ADDM, Charente FP June 1994, Angoulême


Childrens Choir from Charente, Opus 16 Jacques Pési cond.


commissioned by ADDM Charente FP 24.06.1993 Angoulême, City Concert Hall 250 Childrens from Poitou- Charentes, Opus 16, Jacques Pési, cond. Prize for the best pedagogical score, SACEM 1994

1993 20'

3 childrens choirs and chamber orchestra / 1111 1110 batt, ar, pf/muta in synth/ archi/*1/

Song of Salomon

Biblical text commissioned by Radio France FP 11.06. 1993, Paris Auditorium Olivier Messiaen, Radio France Valérie Philipin, soprano, Soloists of the Radio France Philharmonique Orchestra, Fahrad Mechkat, dir

1992 15'

soprano and chamber ensemble : cl, ob, fg, batt, vn, vla, vc

A peine le temps que dure une vision

text Jorge Hernandez commissioned by "La Muse en Circuit", Paris FP 06.04. 1991, Festival "Poznan Spring", Elena Vasileva, soprano, Poznan Instrumental Ensemble, Elzbieta Sikora , cond.

1987-89 21'

soprano, chamber ensemble (cl, tr, batt, cb) and tape or speaking voice and tape


commissioned by the French Government FP Paris, 23.06.1987, by Anne Bartelony, mezzo-soprano and Groupe Instrumental de Paris conducted by Jean-Yves Gaudin

1987 14'

soprano and 10 instruments : fl, ob, cl, fg, cor, vn/2/, vla, vc, cb

The Creation, oratorio

Biblical text commissioned by the "Art et Cathédrale", Normandy , France

1986 45'

soprano, speaker, mixed choir, orchestra (1111 1100 batt/2/ pfte, ar, archi) and electronic sounds

New Version of Heart Brightening Songs

"The best works heard here were Pawel Buczynski’s "Nocturne" /.../ and Elzbieta Sikora’s "Heart Brightening Songs" for soprano and 5 instruments, which were atmospheric and nicely scored, with the final song the most oustanding"
Bain Murray, "Warsaw Automn 1978" Polish Music 4/1978

"Heart brightening Songs" is a fair sample of the artist’s capabilities. Its underlying aesthetic ideology could be termed a profession of authenticity, an antithesis of artificiality, ostentation, superficial flippancy that seems deceptively innovative. /.../ Their (the songs) exquisite simplicity could not fail but captivate the audience."
Tadeusz Kaczynski, Ruch Muzyczny N° 11, 1976

1983 12'

soprano, flute and harpsichord

Salve Regina

biblical text

1981 5'

childrens choir and organ

The Creation of the World

Biblical text FP / frag. NOCTURNE/ : 18. 03.1976 Warsaw by the Vocal and Instrumental Chamber Ensemble conducted by Jacek Kasprzyk, at the 1st "Youth Festival" organized by the Warsaw National Philharmonic

"It is "Nocturne" a vividly defined piece of a deep and expressionistic sonority." Magdalena Radziejowska "Music Galery" , Polish Music 2/1977

"Nocturne which, with unrestrained freedom typical, on the one hand,,of the collage technique, on the other- pf the aesthetics of grotesque, set together the elements almost purposely incoherent : "vanguard" vocalism based on susurration, and fluent, banal vocalizes, sublime, biblical text and aggressive interventions of rough sound blocks." Wladyslaw Malinowski "Lobo Ensemble and Kew Grupe" , "Ruch Muzyczny" n°9 1978

1976 35'

coro do solisti ST2B, coro TB batt/4/,

Heart Brightening Songs

Early Egyptian text adapted by E.Sikora FP 18.10. 1976 Warsaw, by Henryka Januszewska, soprano and the National Philharmonic Instrumental Ensemble conducted by Jerzy Witkowski, at the monographic concert "Music Vernisage", Warsaw Music Society

1973 12'

soprano and 5 instr. /fl. ob, cl, vn, vc /

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