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Titre Description Année Durée (min) Effectif / Extrait sonore
Ecce Homo

Tribute to John Paul II commissioned by Filharmonia Baltycka FP 5.06.1999 during the Pope visit in Gdansk

1999 8'

3333 3431 batt /3/ ar archi /18,16,14,12,8/

Suite III

commissioned by Musiques Nouvelles en Liberté FP 29.05.1997 Poitiers, L’Orchestre Poitou-Charentes, Pascal Verrot, cond.

"Suite III" for orchestra by Elisabeth Sikora is a work which keeps you in constant suspense. The writing is rich, very interesting and colorful. The strings which explore various sound effects are brilliant ; it is a work to be reheard..."
Colette Meunier-Sicard Centre Presse, 4 Juin1997"

"Pascal Verrot conducted with obvious pleasure the "Suite III" for orchestra by the Polish composer Elisabeth Sikora , clearly a remarkable work in its capacity to exploit an orchestral ensemble….."
J.Elesse La Nouvelle République 31 Mai 1997

1997 21'

2222 2220 batt/3 ossia 2/ archi

Rappel II

commissioned by GRM/Radio France FP Radio France, Paris, 30.01.89, NOP, Michel Tabachnik, cond.

1988-1989 18'

2220 2220 batt /2/ pf, ar, archi, trans. live

Symphony I (Shadows)

3333 - 0221 - batt /4/ pf. archi commissioned by Polish Ministry of Culture FP : 21.09.1990, Warsaw Automn Festival, National Philharmonic Orchestra, Michel Tabachnik, cond.

“…Shadows" by Elzbieta Sikora could embellish the repertoire of the most prestigious concert halls " Janusz Ekiert "Express Wieczorny"

1984, 1990 14'


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