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Titre Description Année Durée (min) Effectif / Extrait sonore
“Madame Curie”

libretto Agata Miklaszewska, adaptation Elzbieta Sikora FP 15th Novembre, 2012, UNESCO Hall, Paris, produced by the Gdansk Opera Baltica Opera, Poland Anna Mikolajczyk, soprano, title role Wojciech Michniewski dir. Marek Weiss stage director ….Elzbieta Sikora’s score is bubbling, generous, often percussive and copper-colored - maybe to remind us of the fatal luminosity of radium. Its energy infuses the title role, it never dwells in useless slowness, it is colored with fine and lively touches - and often with deep, prolonged and anguished sounds . The composer’s language mixes orchestra and tape and is expressive and rich, also poetic : Marie’s lament over the dead body of her husband, " Pierre, I want to tell you ", is a jewel filled with emotion and vocal grace. Sikora’s vocal writing, although ample and emotive , is also coherent , combining wild epic gestures with seductive smoothness …

Chantal Cazaux Avant Scene Opera http://www.asopera.fr/critique-mada...

….Composed by Elzbieta Sikora with a libretto by Agata Miklaszewska, this opera, the result of two years work, is perhaps a demonstration of lyrical serialism with neo-romantic touches, fascinating in its richness, its color and the expressionism of its orchestration. The spectator is captivated by a score which follows the action very closely. The music speaks for itself, and contains very beautiful arias for the soloists. We could have understood the story without the words.

Christa Blenk Pettit Madame Curie-Kritik auf Deutsch

…Elzbieta Sikora’s engaging music fully exploits the different instrumental timbres, enriched by a large percussion group. The Gdansk Baltica Opera Orchestra responded to demanding writing and was firmly conducted by Wojciech Michniewski, who took care with the details and contrasts. From the beginning he set up an extreme dramatic tension without ever overpowering the vocal lines. Sikora’s lyricism is wide spread, and as intense as the glitter of radium even if it sometimes borders on an excess of sound. He directs an essentially Polish cast of a very high caliber which shows no weakness. In the title role, Anna Mikolajczyk is the ideal embodiment of this upright and stubbornly free personality ; her generous, and supple voice, comfortable in all registers, takes on this overwhelming role without hesitation and with a stunning effect. With her, Pawel Skaluba/Pierre Curie, Leszek Skrla/ Einstein and Tomasz Rak/Paul Langevin are partners of equal strength, with beautiful strong voices like those of Marie’s daughters and the female friends who assist and support her in the third act. The use of dance and video is not really relevant but the choir’s dramatic input - an excellent branch of the Gdansk Opera Baltica - surrounding the heroine during the whole performance as a hostile presence, creates moments of a great intensity, gathering up rhythm and space. Michèle Tosi La Scène, Opéra http://www.resmusica.com/?s=sikora&...

2010-2012 110’

11 voix solistes, chœur mixte, orchestre 3333/ 3431/harpe/accord. /guitar/3batt/archi 14,12,10,6,4 PWM - Watch the videos


libretto based on "L’Arrache -coeur" by Boris Viann, E.Sikora commissioned by Radio France FP 1986 broadcast on Radio France /45’/ FP polish version 16. 09.1995, National Opera Warsaw / 1H20’/ FP french version, 6-8 June 1997 Centre Pompidou, Paris /1H20’/

Music straight from a laboratory, honed, shaped like a working drawing, with warm vocal lines and orchestral shivers which convey a violence and a sometimes unbearable tension Xavier Lacavalerie "L’opéra tonique", Télérama, Novembre 20th, 1995

" …sharp, bitter and violent music, which accompanies the interventions of a small choir (remarkable !) , interventions of a particularly original harmonic construction... " Michel Lambert Opera International, January 1996,

“….light, tonic writing, full of humor….” Catherine Rostin-Saint-James La Lettre du Musicien, January 1996

“….an intriguing music…” Jacek Marczynski Rzeczpospolita September 18th, 1995

“Sikora’s music seems to ease Vian’s bitterness” Dorota Szwarcman Gazeta Wyborcza September 21st, 1995 This music fascinates by the wealth and the cleverness of its orchestration ; it catches the listener by its skill in telling a story…. Ewa Solinska Zycie Warszawy,September 18th, 1995

A sharp, bitter, violent music, which relentlessly accompanies what is happening on stage …. music full of attractions, one could say “sensuous”, a music which likes to attract, sometimes stunning in its expressiveness…. Elzbieta Szczepanska Ruch Muzyczny, Novembre 12th, 1995

"... Her music is intriguing : the suggestive trumpet solo which comes like an echo and the choral parts commenting the action establish an expressive support for the original action...” Elle Poland, January 1996

1984-6, 1992 45' or 1H20'

soprano, mezzosoprano, tenor, baritone, bass, choir, childrens voices and chamber ensemble : cl, tr, string quartet and percussion/2/

Behind his double

text Jean-Pierre Duprey commissioned by Radio France, produced by Radio France FP 1983, Radio France

1983 27'

soprano, baritone, 4 actors’ voices, string quartet, flute, percussion and electronic sounds


orchestra (2020- 0020 - Batt2 , pfte, 7 vn, 2 vc) text Cesare Pavese (polish trans. M.S.Kasprzysiak) 2nd Prize at the Internationalen Carl-Maria-von-Weber Wettbewerb für Kammernopern in Dresden, 1978 FP 12 March 1979, Warsaw : Ewa Ignatowicz, soprano, Lidia Juranek, mezzo-soprano, the orchestra of the Warsaw Chamber Opera, Jacek Kasprzyk, cond.. Performed at the Brighton Festival, 1985 and the Braunsweig Festival record : Polskie Nagrania SX 1778

"The musical idiom of the opera, clear and restraint, is here distinctly individual. All in all, "Ariadna" is a work of considerable talent and a very interesting repertoire proposition for chamber opera."
Olgierd Pisarenko
Polskie Nagrania Muza disque notice

1977 30'

chamber opera soprano, mezzosoprano, orchestra (2020- 0020 - Batt2 , pfte, 7 vn, 2 vc)

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